Collective Memory

This non-linear book called Collective Memory is about the shared pool of knowledge and information in the memories of two or more members of a social group, passed from one generation to the next. It parallels the memory of a person who is better at recalling images than words. The book is bound with a removable elastic band. This way the reader can play a part and make his or hers own story, by re-arranging the page's. Each book is signed, folded and bound by hand creating a unique book every time. 

year 2017
size 190 x 260 mm
pages 72
limited printrun 250
technique HP Indigo print
binding removable elastic band

“Collective Memory accidentally fell into my hands in Brussels, surprised, and, on closer examination, intellectually carried away. It is not so easy to give a precise definition of the format and genre of the "Collective game" of two experimental artists. This is both a book and a set of postcards, a charade, an invitation to co-authorship. An intricate excuse for fantasizing and exploring ourselves.”

Olga Bubich - (full review here)
“Collective Memory is effective because it is so intentionally elusive. Even if we reshuffle the book time and time again, its ultimate meanings and conclusions fail to completely coalesce, leaving us with prickly hints and echoes, just like those that haunt our own minds.”

Loring Knoblauch - (full review here)

“I used to remember the book but to have it now in my hands, to be able to look deeply into it, to manipulate its paper and caress the wonderful work you made is just magic. i can feel the care you had in handcafting every single page and it’s moving. thank you for this beautiful piece of art.”

Gloria Karayel

Exhibition Collective memory

What happens to shared
memories when the person
you shared them with
is no longer around?