gaze to look steadily and intently with great curiosity and wonder.

Like a golden thread throughout the book you see photos of a figure taken from the back as we gaze over their shoulder onto a vast expanse of nature. The figure serves not only to place the viewer within the scene, but also to act as a means of understanding the grandiose scale of the environment. With the figure acting as a surrogate for the viewer, one is able to see nature’s sublimity vicariously through their eyes. But nature’s beauty is by no means confined to the exceptional. It’s waiting to be discovered in the most unexpected and delightful of places, deserved of our precious attention. There’s endless fascination hidden beneath the surface and as we open up our senses, it’s revealed to us when the pages are torn open. When this act is executed with care and patience it will give the book a new character and a beautiful tactile edge.

Background story
The ‘Ruckenfigur’ in the photos is Saskia’s mother and were taken by her father whilst hiking. Only recently and when seeing the images together did we realise how powerfull they are as a series. How Saskia’s parents enjoyed and appreciated nature effected the way Saskia looks at nature and how she inspires me to look. We hope this book inspires the reader to discover beauty in the mundane.

- japanese binding
- softcover
- semi transparant paper
- perforated folds

* The Special Edition comes with a cover, paper knife and an A5 art print.
year 2023
size 148 x 210 mm
pages 278
limited printrun 250
technique perforated folds
binding french binding

125,- euro

Book GAZE Special Edition
Saskia Overzee &
Amanda Butterworth

The first 50 are Special Editions and come with an A5 fine art print, a wooden opener and in a specially made cover. 

All copies are signed and numbered.

year 2023
size 148 x 210 mm
pages 280
limited printrun 50
technique offset
binding swiss + french binding

65,- euro

Book GAZE 
Saskia Overzee &
Amanda Butterworth

All copies are signed and numbered (51-250). 

year 2023
size 148 x 210 mm
pages 280
limited printrun 200
technique offset
binding swiss + french binding

35,- euro

Book The Narratee
Saskia Overzee &
Amanda Butterworth

All copies are signed and numbered.

year 2018
150 x 200 mm
limited printrun
Fujifilm Jetpress
saddle stitch

Book Collective Memory
Saskia Overzee &
Amanda Butterworth

All copies are signed and numbered.

year 2017
size 190 x 260 mm
pages 72
limited printrun 250
technique HP Indigo print
binding removable elastic band

I'm Sam...
making books

By the name SAM_making books Saskia Overzee and Amanda Butterworth have found each other in the art of bookmaking. Combining their qualities and strengths makes every new project a challenge for themselves, but certainly also for the reader, from whom -when experiencing their books- an active role is often expected. Saskia's background lays in photography and her strength lies in creating inspiring images and working on a vast archive of found image’s, quotes and text. Amanda's background lays in graphic design and her strength lies in devising and sharpening a storyline from concept to execution bringing the totality of images and texts to a higher level. 
Exhibitions and participations Rencontres d'Arles - Year of the Night Fotofestival Eindhoven
The Rencontres d'Arles 
Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award 2022
Polycopies Paris
Unseen Amsterdam
Offprint Paris
Artissima Turin
Manifesta Palermo
Tate Modern Offprint London
Dutch design week 2016/2017/2018
Photo Festival Naarden
SAM_making books
is a selfpublishing collective


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